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A plug-and-play integrated wireless sensor to control existing as well as new street lighting fixtures.

The CitySense is a compact, sensor based “smart control” device for presence based monitoring and control for street lighting. The product is compatible with both existing and new street lighting fixtures (such as LED).

The CitySense offers ‘on demand lighting’ in which lighting levels adjust based on the presence of pedestrians, bicycles or cars. The lights ‘dim’ during off-peak hours when there is no one in the vicinity and upon detection of a human presence, all the streetlights in the surrounding area ‘glow’ to a user defined brightness. This results in substantially reduced energy consumption in a safe and comfortable manner.

Inbuilt monitoring notifies users (via CityManager) of lamp failures, decay and other maintenance triggers. This greatly reduces the need for expensive visual inspections enabling a reduction in operation and maintenance costs of up to 50%.

Download Brochure.PDF (2.7 MB)

Presence Based Dynamic Lighting

Monitoring & Control Software

E-mail Notification

Energy Savings Data

Weather Control

SMS Emergency Control

Fail Proof

Reduced Light Pollution

360° Presence DetectionYes
Input110-240 AC, 50/60 Hz
Lamp CompatibilityLED and Conventional
Dimming Support0-10V DC or PWM
Node CommunicationZigbee 2.4 GHz
Node to Gateway Ratio500:1
Back-Office Communication3G/GPRS
Inbuilt International SIM within GatewayYes
Network Security128 AES and Private VPN
Power Output MeteringOptional
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