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Street Light Management Software


Smart City Sensors, Network and Light Management Software

CityManager is a web-based Smart City software platform for remote monitoring, management, and control of the entire lighting infrastructure. Our intuitive light management software provides an in-depth real-time analysis and health monitoring of the assets, networks, and sensors. Open architecture and interface allow an easy compatibility with third-party hardware and software, ensuring that clients benefit from a future-proof investment.

How will your community
benefit from smart street lights?

  • Perfect controllability

    CityManager allows remote configuration, monitoring, management and control of all your street lighting infrastructure, providing real-time lighting information.

  • Intuitive user interface

    You can enjoy an overview of your entire lighting infrastructure through the single dashboard. Smart analytics and simple charts will help you make decisions about the lighting assets.

  • Automatic failure reports

    CityManager can identify several lighting-related faults and automatically send failure reports, which results in reduced maintenance costs and extended lamp lifetime.

  • Accurate and real-time data

    Data and analytics are generated per an individual light point or a group of those. CityManager provides automatic analysis and evaluation of lighting data including status reporting and failure alerts.

  • Location-based options

    CityManager supports context specific lighting levels that reflect local conditions such as sunrise/sunset times (AstroClock functionality).

  • Map-based visualizations

    Street lights are represented on a graphical interface on Google Maps, coordinated with GPS technology that enables you to locate, monitor and control individual lighting points with ease.

  • Reliability and security

    Advanced VPN and data encryption technology ensure that the system operation and information transfer meet and exceed international standards of safety and security.

  • Continuous Improvement

    CityManager light management software receives regular security and feature updates to ensure optimum functionality and system performance.

Discover how CityManager
light management software works
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Attractive return on investment

Energy savings
Our wireless lighting controls allow energy savings of up to 60%.

Lower maintenance costs
Combining SkyLite with CityManager gives you excellent preventive maintenance through quality analytics and alert services. Your maintenance costs can be reduced by up to 50%.

Higher return on investment
Because you do not need to replace the existing infrastructure, you benefit from a quicker payback and a low cost of ownership.

Installation & Maintenance

Simple installation

Installing our lighting controls is easy because it doesn’t require groundwork or changing the existing wiring.

Over-the-air support
Carry out fast firmware updates and receive accurate diagnosis thanks to over-the-air support.

Efficient maintenance
Combining lighting controls with CityManager allows simpler, more efficient maintenance. Thanks to the real-time status reports, maintenance personnel will not have to carry out any emergency inspections.

Control & Management

Insights and control
Combining CitySense or SkyLite with CityManager gives you the possibility of a full asset management through a single dashboard.

Third-party compatibility
Our compliance with international standards and certificates ensures a broad applicability. Third-party software and products can be integrated seamlessly.

Obtain actionable data and insightful feedback
Combining CitySense or SkyLite with CityManager allows you to collect and analyze actionable data, as well as to identify infrastructural needs.

Environment & Wellbeing

Reduced CO2 emissions
Our street lighting controls help lower the energy consumption and CO2 emissions. This creates a healthier, more sustainable living environment.

Increased safety
Tvilight’s intelligent lighting products contribute to public safety because they ensure a safe circle of light around everybody. When human presence is detected, there will always be light available.

Comfortable light levels
When no presence is detected, street lights burn at a pre-defined level of brightness, for example at 30 % of the full capacity.

Wireless Communication with CitySense and SkyLite

CityManager works perfectly in combination with our street light sensor, CitySense and smart lighting controller, SkyLite. In-built monitors notify users via CityManager about lamp failures/decay and important maintenance aspects. It minimizes the need for expensive visual inspections and reduces the operation and maintenance costs.

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